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Affordable Championship Golf

Springfield Golf & Country Clubis located on the North side of Springfield on 165 acres of wonderfully rolling terrain and numerous beautiful vistas.  The course was designed by Lyndy Lindsey and has turned out to be a great test of golf for players of all ages and ability levels.


Contact us today to find out more about our incredible golf offerings at this exceptional Lindsey golf course.

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Tees Total Yardage Course Rating/ Slope


  • Black - Championship 7018 75.1/134

  • Blue - Men's 6826 72.5 / 129

  • White - Mid-Men's 6266 70.2 / 123

  • Gold - Seniors 5611 67.1 / 119

  • Red - Super-Senior & Ladies 4887 29.2 / 113

Championship Golf Course


Course Tour
(All Yardages from the Championship Tees)



Hole 1

Par 4

Yardage: 425


This dogleg right is a great starting hole. A large tree protects the right side of the fairway. The second shot is uphill to a green that slopes from the back to the front and is protected on the front by two bunkers on either side. The player can see the top half of the flag from the fairway.


Hole 2

Par 3

Yardage: 200


A cavernous bunker in front of the green protects the first Par 3 on the course. A stray shot left or right rolls down a slope and produces a difficult pitch shot. The green is very wide, but not overly deep.


Hole 3

Par 5

Yardage: 521


A good drive is a premium on this dogleg with out of bounds left and extreme slope to the right. The green can be reached in two, but watch the fairway bunker on the right and water hazard also on the right that extends almost all the way to the green. The green is relatively small with some mounds behind to help catch a long shot.


Hole 4

Par 4

Yardage: 442


A picturesque hole with woodland on the far right side and a small creek that runs in front of the green some fifty yards. On the left side is an incline that will keep a ball in the fairway. Two large trees guard the right side of the fairway and a drive too far left will end up out of bounds.


Hole 5

Par 3

Yardage: 210


Arguably the most difficult Par 3 on the course; with a bunker guarding the right side and two-tiered landing zone protecting the right side.  With a tee shot too far right, your ball could roll down a big hill. 


Hole 6

Par 5

Yardage: 545


Don’t let the straightness fool you. The fairway slopes from right to left. A tee shot in the middle of the fairway could easily roll into the left rough. The shot is also uphill, preventing most players from getting home in two. The small two-tiered green with back higher than front is also guarded by a bunker on the front right.


Hole 7

Par 4

Yardage: 395


A 90-degree dogleg right. Tee shot is downhill and tee box is guarded on the right by a grove of trees preventing player from cutting too much off the corner. For those who try the risk-reward shot; be prepared to deal with OB, water hazards, and numerous trees. The small green slopes from back to front.


Hole 8

Par 4

Yardage: 399


Another 90 degree dogleg, but going uphill.  From the black tees, there is a narrow opening between the trees to start your drive.  A good drives sets up a short to mid iron second shot to a back to front sloped green.


Hole 9

Par 4

Yardage: 415


This hole is downhill back to the clubhouse with a picturesque view. A dogleg, with mounds in the right rough, separating #9 from #1. The driving range is to the left and a finger of a water hazard connecting to the creek that runs in front of the green. Green is guarded by a deep bunker in front and slopes severely to front.


Hole 10

Par 4

Yardage: 435


A great challenge to start your back 9! It plays to a prevailing wind and is very demanding off the tee. Even if you can safely get over a creek that is 200-225 yards from the tee, your possible troubles are not over. The 2nd shot will be off an uphill lie to a green guarded by a lake on the left and two twin oaks about 125 yds. out. The green is fairly large without much slope.


Hole 11

Par 5

Yardage: 531


A slight dogleg left hole with OB dangerously close to the left side of the tee. A large lake runs up the right side. A good drive will get a big hitter home in two. The green is fairly large, but has some demanding hole locations making the approach shot a premium.


Hole 12

Par 3

Yardage: 170


The tee shot placement on this hole is critical.  A player must keep his ball on the same side as the pin.  A big ridge runs through the middle of the green, dividing the green into almost two separate areas. 


Hole 13

Par 4

Yardage: 393


If the tee shot is hit in the fairway, this slight dogleg right is relatively tame. A stray shot right or left will find the mounds. 2nd shot is slightly downhill to the green, which is deep and contoured.


Hole 14

Par 4

Yardage: 430


A deceptively long Par 4, this hole is straight with mounds to the right and OB left. A typical wind will push the ball from right to left toward OB. Two-tiered green has mounds on all sides and the backside is higher.


Hole 15

Par 3

Yardage: 212


A direct opposite of #12, this hole is downhill to a green that is fairly flat. Club selection is a premium with dramatic elevation changes and swirling winds. The green is guarded on the front by a large bunker and has a water hazard on the back.


Hole 16

Par 5

Yardage: 494


This hole gives you a patriotic feeling with a huge American Flag in the background being the target off the tee. A dogleg left with an uphill tee shot. Mounds on either side can funnel ball back to the fairway. This is a great opportunity to get home in 2! The green is the tamest on the course with little contour. Bunkers guard the left and right sides.


Hole 17

Par 4

Yardage: 403


The fairway on this hole is similar to the half pipe that snowboarders compete in. A drive down the fairway will end up in the middle due to slopes on both sides. A drive left will find water hazards and to the far right will stop at the top of the hill. A short-iron shot will take you downhill to a large flat green. Too far goes in the lake.


Hole 18

Par 4

Yardage: 398


A great finishing hole.  A creek runs through the fairway about 250 yards from the tee.  If you can carry the ball long off the tee, you will be left with a short iron into this green.  The green has contour and is protected by a bunker on the right.


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